About Oni Clan

Who are Oni Space Demons?

We are friends. An online family. We come from all over the globe and different backgrounds and cultures, genders and ages. We are the united nations of gaming. Our unity is our strength.

Back in March 2017, I was coming to the end of a five-year stint in another multiplayer that was dying having done everything there was to do when a friend suggested I try Warframe. He told me gleefully; “It’s like the game you’ve been playing, only its free!” I was initially sceptical but it was a small download… So I gave it a try.

I lurched around on day one, trying to get the hang of the controls, figuring out the in-game currency and the story, trying to decide if I could make this my new home. My friend and I were on our own and none too sure about it and when this high Mastery Rank guy in a random match saw how new and inexperienced we were and offered us his help and the wealth of his four years experience. While my friend decided the game was not for him and left I was hooked and entranced and I never forgot the kindness I found and the sense of community the players showed the new kid on the block that day. I settled in but was still making mistakes. The clan came about in just that way! “Oh, I wonder what this button does?” Let's press it and find out! Suddenly I had a clan and it was asking me for a name. Four years down the line the good stuff and the first things you think of are taken; I thought I’d always be a clan of only one, so in a play on words, and because I’d already learned the dojos were Oriental themed after a visit, I chose the name ‘Oni’ - Japanese Demons. And for the science fiction element, I tacked ‘Space’ in there and found the name wasn’t taken. And so Oni Space demons was born.

Building the virtual dolls house of the dojo was a nice break from the steep learning curve of the game, but I never imagined inhabiting it with others…. Then there was this guy… Most of the members of Oni are people I gamed with randomly, admired their playing style, staying power, or their sense of humour and after that ’interview’ they were in, some came recommended by others, and still more jumped ship from their original clans and asked for a place with us although the line up has changed a few times and is still evolving. But what makes people want to join us and keeps us together? Those same things; camaraderie, the willingness to help one another and newcomers, love of the game with all its challenges and flaws. Having fun. And paying forward that help I got on day one.